About Sue

Sue Scully has been painting for over 20 years and in 2009 became certified as a Bob Ross Instructor. Sue is certified to teach the “wet-on-wet” technique made famous by Bob Ross on television. She employs a step-by-step method of teaching, which allows for students to be amazed as the painting comes to life. All skill levels are welcome in the studio—beginners, advanced students, and even those who have never picked up a paintbrush. The only requirements for attending painting classes, says Sue, are enthusiasm and a smile! In addition to painting classes, Sue leads technique classes for students to learn and practice elements for upcoming paintings and continued improvement. The technique classes are generally smaller in size and provide for more individual attention.

Throughout the Spring and Summer of 2013, Sue made trips to and from Chantilly, Virginia to continue her education.  In August 2013, she successfully completed all required elements and is now a certified Ross Floral Instructor(CRFI) as well.  She is extremely happy to be able to share this with her students.

Sue believes that it is an honor and a privilege to be teaching others about painting, which is something she is very passionate about. According to Sue, “It is gratifying to see students excited about how much they are learning and their accomplishment at the end of class.”

When she is not painting, Sue enjoys spending time with her family (six grandchildren), traveling, reading, gardening, and cooking. She is currently employed at Clearview Mall as Mall Secretary.

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